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Do you have a plan B in case of an emergency on the event date?


Yes, we have one of our team members on standby in case of an emergency. For example, if a DJ that has been assigned to the event gets sick we can replace him and deliver our services as we promised.


What is your alternative option if there is an equipment failure? 


We use only high end, top of the line equipment for our services. We also check the performance and the electrical circulation of our speakers, cables, and DJ mixers on a regular basis with the experts to make sure there are no electrical failures. We do have a backup laptop in case of a computer accident. 


Are you insured?


Yes, we have a twenty million dollar public liability insurance for the unexpected. 


Can we choose our music or make requests during the night? 


Absolutely you can. We pride ourselves on delivering the best music for the dance floor but in case you would prefer listening to specific songs or making requests on the night you are able to do so.


Do you travel interstate?


Yes, we are more than happy to travel anywhere in Australia as long as we can have access to the same or similar equipment that we use. 


Do you charge any travel costs?


We don’t charge a travel fee for any venues located in Sydney CBD and up to 30 kilometres around it. We do charge a small fee for traveling to the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, or Hunter valley area, depending on the distance we have to travel. 

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