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About Us

We are a team of experienced and passionate DJ's that will work with you to make sure you are provided with the best musical experience possible for your wedding or event. We are here to ensure your special day will run smoothly with the right music selection for your special occasion. We pride ourselves on selecting the perfect music for each stage of your day, from canapes and drinks to dinner, your first dance and the dance floor, right up until the very last song for a memorable close to your night.


Kontstantinos was a wonderful and very professional DJ, the music was perfect and it was great to look out at everyone during the wedding and see that they were all really enjoying the mood and having a good time. I found myself singing along to several great tunes I had not expected whilst we were eating dinner  The song selection was exactly what we were after and all in all it was a great night! This was definitely in evidence on the dance floor in the later stages of the evening

- Alice & Kyle

at Sydney Polo Club 10/05/14

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